Thursday, February 18, 2010

Berliner Fahrrad Schau 2010

Ich bin ein Berliner...or at least I feel like one, fitting for the fasting time. We are heading to the capital of Germany for the first annual Berliner Fahrrad Schau on March 6 & 7 and could not be more stoked. Together with Biciclista, Geekhouse, Waridi and LaMarzocco, we will be showing some of the finest wears in the cycling industry in the form of of Independent Fabrication bikes and frames including a spanking new Ti Deluxe 29er complete with SRAM XX, EDGE/ KING wheels among other goodies. To top off our collection in Berlin we will have on hand from IF will be the infamous 2006 NAHBS Best Track Bike, the XS Pursuit bike as we have brought it over for a spring tour around Germany. Two new customer Ti Deluxe's will show off the incredible attention to detail and beauty of the IF paint shop, and of course our unswaying love for cross will be represented in the form of a stealthy SSX.

Geekhouse has joined our growing family and we will have a couple dripping new frames on hand, one fixed geared and a 29er mountain bike.

Biciclista will be showing off their 2010 collection which happens to be their best to date. Part of the collection will be the IFBRT team kit in both team racing green or only if you are man enough pink.  The fine Italian cycling wear company will show off its "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly" collection of jerseys, along side the reto but stylin line of wool garments.

Waridi will also be on hand lighting up the world of cycling and sports with their unrivaled line of lamps, handmade of course in Germany.

Also in the line of handmade, La Mazocco maker of fine handmade espresso machines and grinders will make sure ll who stop by stay juiced up for the show via our GS3 stainless steel espresso machine, pulling fine shots of our own espresso blends.

Be sure to stop by the show March 6 & 7 at the Station in Berlin. More info under

Friday, February 12, 2010

We have been playing in the kitchen, testing out our new La Marzocco G3 espresso machine and trying out some new beans. Armed with beans from Speicherstadt, we have been pulling shots of their two espresso blends along with blending some varietals on our own to come up with some tasty blends. My fav thus far was a blend of Mexican, Ethiopian Yergacheff and Peru SHB (the doses are a secret).

The G3 is part of a joint marketing coop between us and La Marzocco this season in an effort to promote their beautiful machines, while tying the coffee and cycling cultures together. We will have the G3 at most events this year pulling shots for friends and fans, plus you can pick up a bag of our beans.

Be looking for a more detailed post on the G3 in the future!