Friday, February 12, 2010

We have been playing in the kitchen, testing out our new La Marzocco G3 espresso machine and trying out some new beans. Armed with beans from Speicherstadt, we have been pulling shots of their two espresso blends along with blending some varietals on our own to come up with some tasty blends. My fav thus far was a blend of Mexican, Ethiopian Yergacheff and Peru SHB (the doses are a secret).

The G3 is part of a joint marketing coop between us and La Marzocco this season in an effort to promote their beautiful machines, while tying the coffee and cycling cultures together. We will have the G3 at most events this year pulling shots for friends and fans, plus you can pick up a bag of our beans.

Be looking for a more detailed post on the G3 in the future!

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