Sunday, January 31, 2010

Big dump...

It is bound to happen, just when you are feeling it, some virus sneaks up on you, slaps you upside the head with a cold and sets you on your ass. Sandi & I wanted to build on the winter training with a good nordic ski race this weekend, the Ski Trail in Tannheimer Tal both of taking on the 55km. Neither had any other ambitions than taking a good beating from some local über-nordic skiers but instead did not even make it to the start.

Still, the days of runny nose and congested coughs are nearly behind us and we can enjoy all this fresh whiteness engulfing our beautiful landscape. The trails around our home are all groomed ready for us to tie the little guy up in the Chariot and go exploring, something racing can never replace. Plus I have been teaching a lot of nordic clinics, next year I promise some organized skiing clinics for cyclists.

We are definitely living in the moment and enjoying the process, but thoughts still drift occasionally to the coming season and some great riding.

Time to make the doughnuts...

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